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I present: the Fayhaven Lantern! This Lantern has rubber feet to stand on or it can hang from the hemp cord macramé affixed to the top. Each of the four sides presents a different woodland faerie village scene from two layers of stained birch veneer with a decorative frame on the outside. There are additional designs around the base and a 3d version of one of my Celtic knot designs on the four sides of the top. This is perhaps the most whimsical decorative lighting piece I’ve ever made and I love it, but the real magic is the generative faerie lighting on the inside!

This faerie village is alive! Once you turn it on, you will start with five distinct faeries that show up in your village. They each have their own attitude (blink pattern) and color range. These faeries will hop around inside Fayhaven and after a while new ones will show up! At any one point you might have as many as 30 faeries or as few as 5 in your lantern. The new faeries could have any one of thousands of unique combinations of characteristics. Also the way it’s designed you’ll see the shadows of trees cast from inside the lantern to add just that extra hint of mystique.

This piece is powered via USB and I included a convenient pocket (7in x 3.75in x 1 in max) in the back for a cell phone power bank, so you can hang it up away from a power outlet. Just be careful as this is a relatively fragile piece of artwork and it is NOT waterproof. It should run for a 24-48 hours off of the included 15,000 mAh battery. I also include a 10 ft USB extension cord and USB wall block, so that you can have it plugged in.

I’m honestly really proud of this particular piece. It might seem like a simple and elegant little device, but it took me over a hundred hours to develop the ~300 lines of code to make this work as smoothly as it does. Turns out faeries are finicky little devils and even with the benefit of modern technology it’s difficult to get them to do what you want!

Thanks for your interest and as always, I hope you like my work 🧚‍♀️🧚🧚‍♂️

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm